Design Thinking with DALL-EDigital Personas and Digital InnovationFutures ThinkingTwo Hours of AI Power!Working As and With Digital Nomads

Workshop: Design Thinking with DALL-E

Adam Ferrier (Thinkerbell) and Mike Seymour (University of Sydney)

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Workshop: Digital Personas and Digital Innovation

Fiona McLean (The Social Index) and Scott Ward (Adobe)

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Workshop: Futures Thinking

Kai Riemer and Sandra Peter (University of Sydney)

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Workshop: Two Hours of AI Power!

Kellie Nuttall (Deloitte AI Institute)

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Solving complex problems. Improving quality of life. Fuelling exciting new growth. Detecting health issues early. Saving time. Informing better business decisions … These are just a handful of the ways in which we can harness the fantastic power of AI.

So, what has been holding us back from adopting AI across all our sectors and industries in Australia? Well, we know that AI fluency – or lack thereof – is a key blocker that we all need to address. So, let’s pick up the shovel together and get busy; busy building your fluency so that you can begin to understand and harness the incredible power that AI can provide.

During our two hours together we will take you on a journey of AI, all the way from its inception to its modern-day use cases, and everything in between. We promise it won’t just be post-it notes and endless slides. No, we will be getting hands on and will immerse you into the world of AI in an interactive and memorable manner.

By the end of our time together you will understand the true power that AI can provide to not only your life, but society and governments alike, and how to implement it in a responsible and sustainable manner.

So come, join us and let’s talk AI.

Workshop: Working As and With Digital Nomads

Daniel Schlagwein, Julian Prester and Blair Wang (University of Sydney)

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