DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ is brought to you by the Digital Futures Research Group (DFRG) and Sydney Business Insights (SBI) at the University of Sydney Business School.

DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ brings together speakers and stakeholders from a range of perspectives across Sydney and beyond. We will explore the nature and implications of Digital Disruption from multiple angles. We take a balanced view of this trend, juxtaposing technical solutions with their social setting, data-driven decision-making with empathy and expertise, technology-driven change with preserving organisational excellence, functionalism with aesthetics, speed of change with the need to think and reflect, and academic enquiry with hands-on action. We do this across a range of fields such as business organisation, education and learning, cities, spaces and work-life balance, sustainability, and media and entertainment.


The Digital Futures Research Group / Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) brings together colleagues from academia and industry who share an interest in the wider topic areas of technology in business and the future of business and work.

The DDRG is open to a wide range of topics and approaches without restricting possible research initiatives sharing an interest in investigating and exploring the particular nature and characteristics of disruptive change and its implications for business practice.

The research group is open to like-minded colleagues who want to be involved in researching such issues with an interest beyond the immediate everyday set of problems. We generally take a balanced and critical view of technology and aim to look beyond any hype of the day.

The group has become a vibrant meeting space for colleagues to discuss and link their individual research initiatives, for exploring new ideas and establishing new research projects, for brainstorming, formulating and disseminating ideas. We are equally interested in ‘doing’ as we are in ‘thinking’.

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