Join us for DISRUPT.SYDNEY on 5 Sep 2013

“Digital disruption is not only a possibility for your company’s future, but the only possibility.”      (James McQuivey, Forrester Research)

Are you involved in innovation? Are you affected by digital change? Do you want to leverage digital disruption?

Benefit and be prepared. Join the next wave of Innovation with DISRUPT.SYDNEY.

A full day event that brings together industry leaders and Sydney University researchers.

Capitalizing on Disruption (keynote) by Adam Pisoni (Yammer Co-Founder and GM of Engineering, Microsoft Office Division) pisoni-small
Short talks by leaders in digital change, from Cisco, NAB, Powerhouse Museum, The Hub, and more
Hands-on workshops on topics such as Recruiting, Innovation, Mobile Design, Enterprise Social Media, Social Network Analysis
Roundtable discussions on a range of digital change topics, including Sustainability, Employee Engagement, Big Data, Retail disruption, the National Broadband Network, and more!

DISRUPT.SYDNEY is brought to you by the Digital Disruption Research Group (DDRG) and the Balanced Enterprise Research Network (BERN) at the University of Sydney Business School.

Get involved and enjoy.

Kai Riemer & Kristine Dery (DDRG Co-leaders)

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