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Our short talks for DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2019

“How China is Changing Everything You Know About Innovation: – and what’s in it/at risk for Australia”
– Andrea Myers (China Australia Millennial Project)
With 1 in 3 new unicorn companies arising from China and billions of dollars being poured into the Chinese innovation ecosystem, modern China is undergoing a world-shaping transformation, from Made in China, to Created in China. In an economy already 2000% larger than Australia’s and growing at 3 times the rate, China’s take on innovation, specifically AI will change how the world views data, privacy and the scale of what’s possible.

In this presentation, Andrea Myles, CEO of the China Australia Millennial Project will take us through the scale and momentum of innovation in China, from e-commerce to smart cities and detail the top collaboration opportunities for businesses in Australia.  Andrea will break down the 3 most common questions asked digitally from the audience into pointers for Australians interested in the biggest economic story this century.

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Fixing Healthcare Safety
– Rob Hackett (The PatientSafe Network)

In 2016 Medical Error was reported as the third greatest cause of death. The introduction of ergonomic science into healthcare will help overcome this – however healthcare frameworks are resistant to change – particularly ergonomic initiatives. The PatientSafe Network exists to address this.

In this talk, Rob Hackett, director of The PatientSafeNetwork, takes a look at the medical error problem, why it exists, why it persists, what we can do through working together to overcome it, and create the best environment for patient care.

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“Driving success through purpose and impact”
– Paul Faraggi (Capgemini)
The definition of corporate success based solely on profit is not tenable anymore. The economy of developed countries has been stagnating with a loss of momentum of traditional growth engines. Infinite economic growth on a planet of finite resources is not sustainable nor desirable. Social expectations are also changing: whether they are customers, employees or entrepreneurs, people increasingly want to make a positive impact. Some organisations have developed game changing value propositions with a focus on the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.

Paul will focus on the dimensions that make the strength of these ‘Game Changers’. He will discuss how every organisation and individuals within an organisation can play a role in this changing environment and become an architect of positive futures. Paul will reflect on his own experience as a social intrapreneur and consultant to cover the following questions: How can you embed a triple bottom line approach in everything you do? How can you work towards becoming a social intrapreneur or entrepreneur and drive sustainable success? What are the hurdles in this positive impact journey?

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Disruption as a Catalyst to Thrive”
– Connie Henson (Learning Quest)
Any challenge or change creates a certain amount of disruption, but that does not mean the disruption itself can’t be helpful. Two recent qualitative research studies have explored the ways people respond to unexpected and chosen challenges.

Connie’s presentation will highlight how people have ultimately benefited from disruptions in their work and lives as well as touch on the conditions that are necessary for disruption to become a catalyst to thrive.

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