Keynote — New Cybernetics: Notes For The Future

Genevieve Bell (ANU, Intel)

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Cybernetics is an approach that took form in America in the 1940s and 1950s. It offered a way of thinking about the world and a viewpoint about the future and how to build it, not just a prediction of what the future might be. Cybernetics offered a holistic systems approach encompassing technology, people, and the environment. Throughout the 20th century, it had a profound, if not under-acknowledged, influence on everything from artificial intelligence to personal computing and the internet, and even music and digital art. In her role as the inaugural Director of the School of Cybernetics at the Australian National University, Genevieve Bell and her team are working to re/fit Cybernetics for the 21st century and establish it as an important tool for navigating major societal change. This talk, Genevieve will reflect on their journey so far and their hopes for what will come next.

Keynote — Don’t Believe The Hype: The Surprising Truth About What People Are Really Doing Online

Simon Kemp (Kepios)

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From proclamations of “the next big thing” to the demise of our favourite platforms, today’s media are awash with digital trends. There’s just one problem: these stories often distort reality, leading to false assumptions and poor decisions. So what’s really going on? Join Simon Kemp – chief analyst at DataReportal, and producer of We Are Social and Hootsuite’s renowned Global Digital Reports – as he guides us through what people are *really* doing on the internet.