Karl Kruszelnicki – “Dr Karl”: “Great Moments in Science and Business”
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s Great Moments in Science and Business celebrates sublime moments of deep thought to the most arcane and bizarre research imaginable. Dr Karl’s talk will look at the future of business and science in the fields of computer and information technology, genetics, engineering, physics and the environment. The Blockchain will be a particular focus, promising a range of financial instruments that depends not upon trust but upon mathematics and computing power. At the other extreme, the currency of the Islanders of Yap depends entirely upon shared trust (the currency, limestone rings up to 4 metres in diameter can be sitting 5 kilometres down on the ocean floor!). The universe is a strange and wonderful place and, in his Great Moments, Karl has scaled the highest peaks as well as turned over the pebbles to see what’s underneath. Dr Karl
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Juliet Bourke: “Unpacking ‘Collective intelligence’ and making it a Strategic Tool”
There’s lots of noise around collective intelligence and diversity of thinking – but is it just hot air? Drawing on rigorous academic and field research, Juliet Bourke will talk about insights from her new book “Which two heads are better than one? How diverse teams create breakthrough ideas and make better decisions”. Juliet will address two important questions every business and team leader inevitably faces:

Who do you need on your team to ensure it “thinks differently”?

How should the team talk, is the team led inclusively?

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