Keynote speakers – Andrew Baxter and Sandra Peter

We are proud to announce that DISRUPT.SYDNEY 2019 will feature two keynote speakers: Andrew Baxter, Senior Advisor to KPMG and BGH Capital, and Sandra Peter, Director of Sydney Business Insights.

“What the Banking Royal Commission tells us about success in the age of disruption”
Technology has provided incredible cost advantages for companies in the customer service space. And in turn pleased shareholders who are looking for better profitability. There’s now everything from Chatbots, to instant messaging, off-shore call centres, and more, all enabled by technology. And now AI is answering customer questions via voice, as well as trying to personalise marketing messages based on the customer data it has. But has all of this been to the detriment of true human to human customer service? The Royal Commission highlighted that a Company Directors’ obligation to act in the best interests of the company, is not confined to just the shareholders, but also to the company’s customers, employees, and community in which it operates. Andrew will discuss the fine balance that companies need to find between their digital and human interactions with customers. And the temptation to use technology to save money, rather than to better service a customer. As well as the continued long term success that companies who have truly invested in their employees and communities have had Andrew Baxter-cropped
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“Success in the fourth industrial revolution. What will it look like? “
Individuals, organisations and nation states must today operate through the novel mechanisms of emerging technologies, related business models and underpinning global megatrends.

The world we inhabit is undergoing tremendous and fundamental change: significant transformations in how we live together, structural asymmetries in knowledge and power, new logics of accumulation, and a consistent struggle to explain outcomes that again and again seem to catch us unprepared.

I extend a challenge to rethink what personal success is, how work should be organised and compensated and ask what it means to think about a thriving economy and a fair, free and flourishing society.

Dr Sandra Peter
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